Recently I was rereading Leonard Shlain's fascinating The Alphabet Versus the Goddess--one tenet being that humans inevitably gravitate toward polytheism, in part because our artistic left brains just can't resist the visual possibilities offered by a multitude of deities. My own left brain had a great time constructing this pantheon in order to help a cute lonely dyke get laid. While I was drawing this, I also recalled a recent MS. magazine cover (which I think is based on an earlier cover, which I can't seem to find online) that depicts a multi-armed task-juggling modern mother. The cover raised a tiny bit of fuss for its supposed disrespectful appropriation of Hindu imagery, etc. I hope those same people don't read Girlfiend Comics, because if they're seriosuly offended by that innocuous cover, who knows what they'll think about my double-dildo grasping, shocker-displaying Goddess of Acrobatic Sex Positions. Just sayin'.

Also, if I could do this piece over, I would not try to cram nearly so many people/events/text boxes into one page. But I don't have time to sit around re-drawing stories that I messed up on. The show must go on.


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