I can't believe it's two weeks into 2010 already! And update day. Time really flies when you're waking up at 4:30 AM for work, staying there until the sun goes down, working on your house all evening, then falling into bed at night. But is it fun? I think so. Some masochistic German worker bee part of me thinks so, at least.

So, this week's update. I wrote this when I was planning our wedding. (I work about six months ahead of my update schedule, which is a good thing in busy times like this.) I was just thinking about what it's like when you love someone so much and have the best time with them every single day, and when a moment is so perfect that you can hardly stand it. The moments that are better than dreams. The moments that you recall right before you die. The happiness so complete you think it can never continue, and then it does.

Why the title? Well, one time we were having some crazy unpredictable Texas weather, so I asked Sarah to go outside our apartment and see what the temperature was like because I was wondering if I could wear my new sundress. (Yes, I'm a spoiled rotten femme.) Well, it must have been quite grey and damp because she came back and reported, "It's a good day...for ducks." Ever since then I've been completely enchanted with the idea of a good day for ducks. So that is what I wrote about: A good day for dykes and for ducks.

Edited to say: Aw, crap, "A Good Day for Ducks" is also the name of a children's book about duck hunting. That is so wrong.


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