Jun 24, 2010

Catchin' up

So, it's been pretty great being unemployed these last couple of months. I've been able to do a lot of things that I'm usually to busy to enjoy: hang out with college buddies, cook fresh meals for Sarah, play Age of Empires III, even do some scrapbooking. I'm really, really blessed and happy. But all good things must come to an end, and I've accepted a job and am ready to start in a couple of weeks. It's better hours than I'm used to, and better money--I think it's going to be great, actually.

But I know what y'all really want to know about--the comic. The book is coming along, though I may have fallen behind by a few weeks. It's so close and yet so far. I only have around 15 pen-and-ink pages to complete, but those 15 pages are taking forever. It's been mostly play and no work, for a change.

I've been making all my updates, though! Here's some commentary:

Sweet Sue and Myrtle: So far, this is the only story in the series with a male narrator. I really like how it turned out. I have a great desire to expand the boundaries of the Girlfiend Comics world so it includes more fantasy elements, instead of just dykes talking to each other in coffee shops.

Art Fair Antics: Inspired by the annual art festival in Richardson, Texas, where I used to go every year. I never bought anything, but the people-watching is just out of this world. This year, we made bingo cards to check off all the weirdos and pretendoids. Also inspired by brilliantly terrible art in the movie Art School Confidential.

The Third Wheel: Just some dykes talking in a coffee shop, but I like it anyway. Especially the character designs--you're going to be seeing bald girl again for sure. If I'm hanging out in the bar drawing and someone asks to see my work, this is the page I pull out a photocopy of. Because it's cute and snappy and doesn't have any nudity.

City Gal, Country Gal: It's hard to keep a relationship together when you have drives that are completely opposite. (It also doesn't help when one of you is a total selfish bitch.) One day I will learn how to draw animals.

What Went Wrong (In Four Words): This page was inspired by that special moment in a new relationship when you're called upon to distill your complex and messy former breakups down to a sentence or two. Or even four words. I like the wino in panel seven.

The Skirt: Who doesn't have a lucky piece of clothing that makes them feel irresistible and in charge, no matter what? Grey pencil skirts are universally flattering, but in this case, they're just might be more to it than that. Knowing Blogger, the sexy sheep in panel nine will probably get my blog disappeared for bestiality.


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