Not much time for blahgging lately, but with good reason--I've been keeping really busy with all kinds of stuff. I started a new job three months ago, and that's going well. I finished the book (yay!) and am now embroiled in the tedious process of editing it for publication, and also laying plans for a second book. Also, I'm getting a lot more weekends off from work now, so I'm getting to spend lots of time with Sarah--here's us celebtrating our anniversary in Galveston a couple of weeks ago.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just read your post, Gay comics in a post-gay universe. Your comic round up links to all sorts of goodness like Simply Sarah and Yu+Me. Thanks for that.

In many ways, we are in a post-gay world. I found your site via Curvy which I found via an ad on a political website. When I found Curvy, I didn't think of it as a "Lesbian" comic. I had no preconceptions when I found it. It was just a cool, surreal, SF comic with some sex in it. Simply Sarah and Yu+Me are first love/coming-of-age stories that just happen to feature two women who fall in love. They are beautiful stories that touched me deeply. I wouldn't call them "Lesbian" stories, b/c they are so much more than that. They are human stories.

On the other hand, there is still much to overcome before we can truly say we are in a post gay era. Keep pushing the boundaries!

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