Apr 21, 2011

Website overhaul

Hi readers, and thanks for visiting! Some of you might have noticed a few changes to the website. Actually, there's been a lot of changes, but the biggest ones aren't visible. See, for the last couple of years I've been hosting the site off a modified (read: nerd-rigged) Blogger.com platform, with domain-name masking and a few other work-arounds. That worked pretty well, but left me vulnerable to outages and the sorta vague terms-of-service clause at Blogger. So, Sarah's been working real hard to port the Blogger template-based design into a stand-alone html/css document, and move all the content to my own hosting service. And voila! I think it looks great.

One change regular readers might like is that you can now view all the stories from the upcoming Bits and Pieces book on one big archive page, as thumbnails. So if you remember a particular story or character that you liked, you can easily revisit it even if you don't remember the title. I've also added the back catalog of Girl Trouble to the archive--it's a short-format strip that began when I was 16 or so and ended when I finished college.

Hope everyone's enjoying the updates (well, besides those of you who contacted me a couple of weeks ago over that one story.)

Cheers and queers,



Arion said...

I've been having a lot of fun reading your comics. I found out about this site thanks to the CBR article.
Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

I just now noticed that I haven't seen any new comics in my feed reader in quite some time. any plans to add an rss for the comics like you had on blogger?

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