Jul 7, 2009

On a roll

I had three days off of from work in a row this week, which were incredibly relaxing and productive. I got almost three pages of pencils and one page of ink done over the weekend, which is lightning fast for me because I draw slowly. (Trying to ignore Megan Rose Gedris' livejournal post about the ten pages she penciled on Sunday alone. Sigh...) My current strategy is to draw while watching television episodes with my girlfriend. Multitasking, with varying degrees of success. We had been watching The L Word, and that didn't work out so well for drawing because Marlee Matlin's character is deaf and there's a lot of subtitles and lipreading. Now we're watching Dexter, which is a clever show but really too violent for me. So whenever Dexter kills somebody, I just work on my drawing instead of covering my eyes. I have the page finished before I know it.


Line said...

I wish you luck. I recently started my own webcomic. Spent an entire day I should have been studying working up four pages. And since then? I've done nothing. Evidently, I don't have the attention span for webcomics. REGARDLESS: I enjoy yours. Hope to see more soon!

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