I registered for a deviantART account today, after hearing for years from friends and fellow artists that it is the single best online artist's community. Then I read some of their content policies. Including this extremely broad definition of pornography, and this incredibly long-winded apologia for said policies. And I realized that most of my current work would possibly be subject to deletion there. Bummer. I might keep my new deviantART account open for non-sexy things like character drawings and sketches, but it hardly seems worth the trouble, especially since Flickr lets me upload any filth I choose without having to worry about some strangers' "interpretation" of it.

Now, I recognize the value of keeping an art site insulated from the terabytes of internet porn out there. And I understand the right of deviantART to moderate content any way they choose. And I knew, when I decided to make a sexually oriented comic, that I would be giving up the chance to exhibit it in certain venues. (Like Gay Pride festivals! Unbelievable!) But I don't make porn. If some people do get aroused by my comics, then whoa, I'm flattered--but my primary purpose is to make a joke or tell a story.

How is Girlfiend Comics too deviant for deviantART? Let me count the ways:

Masturbation. Check.

Sexual Intercourse
. Check. And get this: "Some depictions of oral to breast contact might qualify under this guideline." Third base is all the way, y'all!

Sexual body fluids (actual or simulated). Does drool count?

Erections. None at this time, but maybe in the future.

Vaginal or Anal Spreading. Only when it helps advance the plot.

Adult oriented (sexual) toys. All the time, baby!


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