"Fun with Vegetables" is dedicated to those people. You know, those people. The ones who make you want to say, "How about you and the locally grown/organic/hormone-free/non-genetically-modified squash just get a room? And toss me some of that ginger extract for my sudden nausea."

This story was an experiment, the result of my striving to have more sex in my comics. There's tons of lesbian hookups and innuendo, of course, but I had to dare myself to draw wide open beaver or it never would've happened. (Am I subconsciously squeamish about girly parts or just bad at drawing anatomy? Not sure.) I like the way the comic turned out, but it's a still more silly than sordid. I'm just a failure as a pornographer. Which is too bad, considering the number of Google hits I get from people looking for porn comics.

Incidentally, today's update marks four months that my new site has been active. While that's hardly an accomplishment at all, in webcomic time it counts as a real anniversary. Thanks y'all, for reading, and the best is yet to come.


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