Nov 12, 2009

Busy Michi

Whew! I have been working some crazy hours lately. Not crazy by industry standards, perhaps, but crazy by sane and healthy person standards. Nonetheless, we're charging full speed ahead with the book project. Work, sleep, draw. Work, draw, sleep. Draw, sleep, work. Eating? Sometimes. My shifts have been so busy lately that meals at work have consisted of whatever I can find that (a) I don't have to expend effort to cook, and (b) don't have to walk far off the line to get. (Which leads to weird combinations like last night's plate of cold roast beef, tomatoes, and guacamole.) I was going to have today off to catch up around the house, but I'm going in to help out with a special event. Tomorrow's my other scheduled day off (so far, anyway)--that's when the real work will happen.


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