Feb 27, 2010

Book update

Just wanted to post a little update on my upcoming book--I've been furiously working on stories and it's coming along swimmingly. At this point, I have almost the entire thing scripted out, and about 55% of the drawings done. I'm planning a release in early 2011--possibly sooner if my work schedule allows. (Because of some rights that I sold, the earliest possible release date is November 2010.)

The book will be a nice fat trade paperback with 100 episodes of the webcomic, a longer, print-exclusive story, and some bonus character art and such. The working title is 101 Lesbian Nights.

I'm excited to get this one out the door because I'm starting to work on content for a second book--but it's too early to say much about that yet. More details when I have them! Also on the way: An overhaul of the website that adds some of my older stuff.


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