Oh man, I haven't been too good about updating the blog recently, what with the crazy work schedule and moving and all. But I haven't missed any comic updates, and that's what matters more.

So, this fortnight's comic, in case you didn't read it (and if you don't read my comics, what are you doing on my blog, ya stalker?!) is about a pastry chef who likes to bake dirty cakes in her spare time. More broadly, it's about having a day job that you like, but also a secret pervy avocation that your coworkers probably don't need to know about. Ahem. This is one of my favorite stories that I've done so far, and I definitely want to bring these two chefly ladies back for an encore performance.

The "Happy Fucking Birthday" cake in panel three, incidentally, is something I made for a friend's birthday back in college.

Adding the chocolate pubes:

The finished product:

Thanks for reading Girlfiend Comics, and check back on Thursday for a special Valentine's update. Since Valentine's day is this Sunday and will be old news in a week, there will be an extra update next Thursday! That's three updates this month! Hooray!


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