Okay, so who's ready for baseball season to start? I am! I am! Hopefully, this week's comic conveys some of that excitement. Actually, I don't know/care a great deal about the sport itself but I go to at least a few minor league games a season to get my summer's worth of stadium food, beer, and good ole pride 'n patriotism. Baseball/softball is one of the greatest live sports, but probably the second worst (after golf) to watch on television. Women's in particular. The only excitement I can derive from televised softball is watching the players' inevitable blonde ponytails bounce around behind their helmets.

For baseball in Dallas, I like the Fort Worth Cats and the Frisco Roughriders. I wonder if the Roughriders have ever played the Portland Beavers, and what the local headlines were the next day. ("Roughriders Pound Beavers, 8-2"?)

Oh, and I just realized I forgot to give the softball cutie her freckles in panel three. Now I have to fix it. Maybe it can wait until the book comes out.

On "Rosemary's Party Trick": In college, there was always some girl doing this at parties. It was fun to make up silly meanings for the tarot cards for this story.


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