I may be showing my age with this one--do post-Bush schoolkids even get sex ed? But my cohort remembers this: Being herded into a classroom with the other girls being shown a bunch of gnarly slides by a reluctantly drafted female teacher. And it always came either way too early (when we thought of the opposite as nothing more than a potential source of cooties) or way too late (when we had known about sex, or had even been having sex) for a long time. If only someone could formulate a sex education program that was timely, comprehensive, and inclusive--kids might grow up less fucked in the head when it comes to sex. But I must be dreaming.

On a related note, this week's Dallas Observer's cover story, "Too Much of a Bad Thing: Internet Lures Kids into Porn Addiction" is more of the ignorant, alarmist crap that passes for insight about teen sexuality. All the usual crimes abound: Weepy anecdotes, anti-sex, anti-tech cliches, bunch of opinions from the "experts" in the sex rehab business, conflating pornography with bestiality/pedophilia, and so on. Bleh.


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