Last week's comic takes the form of a conversation with the fabulous Liz Luscious, who's basically a composite character of different strippers/escorts I've met in college and afterwards. Not strictly a queer story, I guess, but there seem to be so many bi/lesbian women who are sex workers that it certainly qualifies. (And Liz, I'm pretty sure, is bi--I'm working on a longer story about her for later.) Speaking of which, I saw a great documentary last week, Live Nude Girls Unite! about a group of San Fransisco peep show ladies organizing to fight unsafe and illegal employment practices in their club. Not a new film--I think it came out in like, 2000--but it was very funny and inspiring.

In this week's "The Proposal," Janice conjures up all sorts of crazy outcomes when Jessi suggests bringing a third party into the bedroom. Uh oh--lesbian drama happening in 3...2...1... Actually, I don't think Jessi really wants to have a threesome at all--she just gets off on watching her lover act all flustered. Anyway, read it quick because next week's update is going to be posted a few days early, by the end of the weekend.


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