Apr 30, 2009

So close now...

So after about a month of pretty intensive work on the site, I'm just about ready to go public with it. I'm proud of the new layout and think it looks great. I've learned a whole lot about web design that I didn't know before. I'm also happy to finally be getting off of Geocities--which is timely because Yahoo! is shuttering the free hosting site later this year.

Despite not being updated for over two years, Girlfiend Comics at Geocities still enjoys a great search engine ranking and a decent number of page visits. (March 2009 was a new record--what the hell?) I've set up a redirect page, and I'm looking into other ways to bring my readers here.

Updates are scheduled for every other Thursday. I'd love to do weekly updates, but with my crazy demanding day job, I can't possibly commit to that. I have a good backlog of material to help me stay on schedule, and I'd like to keep it that way.


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