This week's comic stars butch buddies Cate and Len in a smut shack mega-splurge! Pretty much an average weekday night for me and my friends freshman year in college. Although we went to gawk and snicker, not so much to buy. Porn was beginning to be free and plentiful online, and our sex shops never carried any decent toys, thanks to those draconian Texas obscenity laws.

My favorite detail is the bubblegum-chewing cashier that rings Cate and Len up. The women that worked at these places were usually tattooed alterna-chicks who were way too cool to work regular retail, but not too cool to chat up every customer to earn that 2% commission. I almost became one when I was 19, lured by the prospect of sex-positive work that wasn't sex work, plus the employee discount. I got the job offer on Friday, and they were supposed to call me with details on Monday. In the intervening two days, they decided not to call me back, and I decided it would really, really suck to work there.

Proudly modeling my Condoms to Go shirt after the interview.

As a side note: If you've ever wondered how Cate and Len got the giant double dong serenaded in "Ode to Silicone" ...well, now you know.


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