Aug 25, 2009

Some webcomic goals

Supposedly, if you care enough about succeeding at any endeavor, it helps to make a list of goals. You're supposed to write the goals down, to make them as specific as possible, and to share them with others. I've never done this before. (I also don't have a written budget, and I seldom make grocery lists.) But I really do want to succeed at this webcomic, so here goes:

To have 100 stories "in the bank" by Jan. 1, 2012. That is, written, illustrated, and scanned. The deadline is roughly three years after this project began. At 33 pages a year, it's do-able. (I'm on page 30 or so right now and it's not even September.) But it's faster than my current update schedule of 26 pages a year, so I'll have to keep up the pace and stay ahead of my updates.

To make every biweekly update day, without fail. If I meet the goal above, this one should be no problem.

To improve my artwork drastically over time. Specifically: Improving line quality. (Not retracing, getting it right the first time.) Increasing contrast between light and dark areas. Getting off my ass and using reference photos when necessary, instead of just guessing. More variety of background, textures, not just hatching and stippling. Trying different poses and character designs. Learning more rules of human anatomy. (So I can ignore them later, hee hee.)

Write more creatively. Continue to introduce diversity and imagination into the stories I tell. Different types of characters, different times and places. I've selected a wide-open format, I just need to use it.

Draw something every day. Even if it's just one panel. Even if it's just a sketchbook entry.

To reach more people with my comic. I'm not setting any specific web traffic benchmarks, because I think they're kind of arbitrary. But I would like to see traffic continue to increase month over month. And get into print if possible. Because why do all this, if not for people to look at it?

Make some ads.
Attractive ads, at least one in each of the standard sizes. For fun, and to help with the goal above.

To attend Dallas ComicCon on January 30-31, 2010. Probably not as an exhibitor, but at least as a fan. This will be my first comic convention.

To thank other artists who have entertained and/or influenced me
. By commenting, linking, reviewing, or e-mailing. I'm bad about this, because I'm shy. But art can be a lonely vocation, and acknowledgment is hard to come by. But it's important--I know this. So I want to try to start doing my part.

To continue to grow and succeed at my day job. For its own sake, but also for that dangling carrot of financial freedom.


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