I might have mentioned before that I don't generally do autobiographical or diary-style comics, mainly because my actual life is not as interesting as the stuff I can make up. This one, however, is a 99% true story that happened to me when I was 17 or so. Marci was not named Marci, however. And the Rainbow Reading Room in the story is Dallas' now-defunct Crossroads Market Bookstore. But getting a take-it-or-leave it proposition from the cooler, older girl you've been crushing on for months? Couldn't make it up if I tried.

90's reference roundup! Just for fun, I crammed as many 90s trends and artifacts as I could into these twelve panels. See how many you can spot!

1. Independent bookstore
2. Shoulder bag
3. Gay pride rainbow
4. Frosted tips
5. Beanie
6. Eyebrow and cartilage piercing
7. Technicolor hair
8. Bustier top
9. DIY
10. Polka dots
11. Flannel
12. Bisexuality
13. Newspaper in print
14. Layered necklaces
15. Fleece pullover
16. Striped leggings
17. Jumper dress
18. Scrunchie
19. Secret handshake
20. Calling a girl you like on the phone
21. Bull market
22. Overpriced espresso drink


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