Update day isn't until next week, but I'm updating early because I feel like it and because I have a huge backlog of comics just waiting for someone to look at 'em. It's crazy--I'm getting so much faster. If I'm off work and I focus, I can now ink approximately one page per day (5-6 hours of work), whereas it used to take more than an hour just to do one panel. Is a more frequent webcomic update schedule in the cards? Maybe--I'll have to see how it goes after I finish this project.

Anyway, this week's update features a lovely maid who marries her messy client. This was my first attempt at writing a story without words. I didn't quite succeed--there's text in panel two--but close enough.

Speaking of which--the ad for auto glass under the sexy maid ad is from real life, I swear. I drive a '97 Corolla with a cracked windshield that I've never replaced--I bought the car like that, it's never bothered me, so I just left it. The only annoyong part is that when I leave my car in a parking lot, often when I come back to it there's little flyers and business cards for auto glass places stuck under my windshield wipers. I just throw 'em away reflexively, but If I kept 'em all, I could recycle 'em and save a forest. Anyway, one time I left my car parked in southeast Dallas, and when I came back there was a card offering the "Cheap Auto Glass for Yo' Broke Ass." But I didn't keep it, and nobody ever believes that story.

On "Baby Dyke Blues": Every once in a while, you get these human interest stories in the news about how gay high school students are coming out of the closet so early, junior high students are coming out--even some elementary school kids are out as gay/lesbian. (There was a features story about this in the New York Times recently.) One common theme of these stories is how brave and self-aware kids are these days, how accepting their parents and teachers are, and how much easier it is to be openly gay than it used to be. While that's all true enough, the fact remains that adolescence/first love is hard. Even for straight kids. Even for gay kids lucky enough to have accepting families and communities. So you're out at fifteen. Great. You're still going to have regular teenage insecurities. You're too young to really date anyone, but you're still horny as hell. Your peers are mostly going to be equally insecure girls or boys who will mess with your affection and break your heart. And that is what this story is about.


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