Hello beautiful readers! Guess what today is! Can't guess? It's the one-year anniversary update of this lovely rebooted Girlfiend Comics webspace! WOot, woot!!

I'm excited because I have some exciting news: As you might have noticed from some scribbles on the mermaid graphic up top, as of this week, this webcomic will be going to a weekly update schedule. Every Thursday! No more cycling through your Thursday bookmarks/subscriptions and sheddin' a biweekly tear 'cause there's no new Girlfiend. Hooray!

The reasons for this change are threefold:

1. I'm getting much faster at drawing, so there's no need to murder my personal life or sleep schedule in order to make the deadline.

2. My voluntary term of unemployment is offering a great opportunity to stockpile some comics.

3. The new stuff is so nifty I'm in a big hurry to blow through the old stuff.

While I'm celebrating, I just want to say thank you all for the last year. Building a webcomic is a slow, slow process, but thanks to your loyalty and word of mouth, Girlfied 2.0 has gone from zilch to 500+ views a day. I've also gotten some great feedback and encouragement to help continue to develop a kick-ass lesbian webcomic over the coming year.




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