Here's the first installment of Lesbian Webcomic Roundup, in which I search out lesbian webcomics (other than mine) for your reading pleasure. This is not meant to be an exhaustive or definitive catalogue--just a few good links. I'll be posting more later, along with (eventually) some full-length reviews of lesbian-themed webcomics. If you find something that you like, please consider supporting the artist(s) by buying their merch or dropping them a note. Enjoy!

True Tales of Lesbian Drama by Astrid Lydia Johannsen
Astrogirl X2 author Astrid Lydia Johannsen returns with more crisp line art, smart writing, and of course, lesbian drama.

Bitter Girl by Joan Hilty
Long-running newspaper strip by one of the greats. The archives are unfortunately scattered all over the place--check out Hilty's website for the latest info.

Curvy by Sylvan Migdal
Scantily clad high school physics whiz meets interdimensional babe on the run. High-contrast hijinks ensue. New page every Saturday.

Girly by Josh Lesnick
Needs no introduction, since it's hugely popular and has been running for 6+ years, which is approximately 1,023 in webcomic years. My fellow Dallasites will appreciate the Dallas-esque skyline of Cute-Town. Also the big hair.

I Was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space!
by Megan Rose Gedris
A campy starship romp with an alluring cast of gals in spandex and go-go boots. The perfect antidote in case you accidentally overdose on angsty high school love/coming out comics. Currently on hiatus.

Liliane, Bi-Dyke by Leanne Franson
The adventures of everyone's favorite faggy butch bi dyke, also known as Liliane. Leanne Franson comics mainly fall into the "creative autobiography" category, and she excels at both long and short forms of the genre. Updates sporadically, but there's enough stories in the archive to keep readers occupied for days.

Simply Sarah
by Sarah Skye
Poor Sarah. Her folks don't understand her, stupid boys harass her all the time, and her lame-ass girlfriend won't own up to being a dyke. Now in color!

Sister Claire by Yamino

Starcrossed by Erica Batton
Quinn Morrigan (Wait, wasn't that the name of the little sister from Daria?) is just a regular guitar-totin', dream-havin', shaggy-haired lesbian high school brat--until a mysterious visitor arrives via meteor. What will happen next?! Infrequent updates.

Yoko+Mamiko by Loka
A tiny, tasty morsel of a sex comic done in colored marker. Completed.

by Megan Rose Gedris
An epic high school romance turned surrealist drama, with enviably trippy art. Gedris has earned hordes of devoted fangirls with this comic, and deservedly so. Updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


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