So my girlfriend and I had the pleasure of seeing the Lollie Bombs, Dallas' resident burlesque troupe, over the weekend. Dallas has more titty bars than you can shake a twenty at, but the burlesque scene is still pretty small. The Lollies play occasional two-night engagements at the 145-seat Pocket Sandwich Theatre.

This was my second time seeing the Lollies--the first was their spectacular holiday special--and they did not disappoint. They did a mix of new numbers, crowd favorites, and audience participation. Their current lineup boasts a beautifully diverse range of body types. (And pasties!) The cozy old dinner theater is the perfect place to drink a pitcher of Ziegenbock and hoot and holler at gorgeous ladies stripping--I mean, doing sex-positive performance art.

If you missed this weekend's performance, you can still see the Lollies at the Pocket Sandwich Theatre on August 21-22 and October 9-10. Tickets are $15 and reservations are recommended.

I actually got up the nerve to talk to the Lollies and get pictures after the show! Check them out here.

Photo: That's my partner/webmistress Sarah on the left, the fabulous Black Mariah in the middle, and yours truly on the right.


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