Oh boy. This one was a blast to write and draw. It's an illustrated poem about silicone toys--as in dildos and butt plugs and such--as well as some of the other great products that are made from silicone. It is the perverse outcome of all the Dr. Seuss books I read as a kid and all the chemistry classes I took in school. I'm going to leave it that, though. I do still believe there's such a thing as too much information, even in this whole post-privacy Age of Twitter.

So where can a girl (or guy) get the best silicone? Unfortunately, most brick and mortar sex shops don't carry it, preferring to peddle skanky vinyls and high-margin bachelorette party gags, so the best shopping for the connoisseur is online:

Of course, check out Babeland, the mother of all women-owned sex-positive socially responsible sex toy stores. I did some writing for them in college. They are a badass company with a handpicked selection of great products.

Vixen Creations
has an astounding number of original designs, including semi-realistics for packing and dildos made with their patented lifelike silicone formula, Vixskin.

Tantus, Incorporated
now sells direct! Tons of smaller toys for the beginner, and amazing closeout bargains. Where's my credit card?


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