Girlfiend Comics has only a handful of a recurring characters, and a whole lot of walk-on roles--characters who do their bit (or do each other) and are never seen again. You don't have to know any of the regular characters to enjoy the comics strips. (But it helps!) Every week or so I'll pick someone to highlight here.

Rosemary is Girlfiend Comics' sexy earth mama and token bisexual. Rosemary works at the local natural goods purveyor, Sunshine Foods. She mesmerizes men and women alike with her unadorned beauty, only to repel them with her un-zenlike habit of starting arguments and being a know-it-all. Perpetually single, but she does have a hot fling now and then. Rosemary stars in her own veggie-loving adventure, coming soon to the front page!

Here's Rosemary in action:


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