May 4, 2009

Notes on "That Smell"

So here's the wanky artist commentary I promised. I'll be writing a few liner notes for each update, so if you want to know the inspiration behind a story (or if you're one of my exes and are wondering whether a certain comic is about you or not), check the blog.

"That Smell"
, of course, deals with that old idea that a woman's vagina smells or tastes like fish. The epithet "seafood lover" is still one of the most devastating double entendres that one middle-schooler can hurl at another. (And is, I think, especially insulting in my home state of Texas, where cattle is still king and seafood is only for Lent and those namby-pamby dieters.) But for me, it's always been one of the easiest misogynistic comments to shrug off because--as the protagonist of the story concludes--fish are delicious! (And so are clams, scallops, shrimp, crab, mussels, squid...)

This is the first comic I drew for my new sex comic project. I did it almost two years ago, and I was kind of hesitant to post it because I think my art has really improved since then. But I like the story a lot, and I'll get to the good stuff soon enough.


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